Friday, June 7, 2013

Portland Top Seven List

The kids and I visited Portland last summer and had a great time. For those of you heading that direction this summer, here's my "top seven" list of places to see and things to do... Certainly not all-inclusive, but a good start... (OK, now it's 10, not 7... I gave Voodoo Doughnut the top spot instead of sharing a listing with Powell's, and added two more spots at the end...

    Voodoo Doughnut -- your tummy will thank you!
  • POWELL'S CITY OF BOOKS - The largest independent bookstore in the world is in downtown Portland--we spent HOURS there and then walked from Powell's through Chinatown to Voodoo Donuts. "City of Books" fills a whole city block (multistory) and has over a million books! It's an amazing place and right on the light rail line For a real adventure, park in their ramp! We did, using Powell's as our home base for a whole day of downtown exploring.
  • OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry ("OMSI" on all the signs) including the submarine used in the movie "Hunt for Red October."
  • GARDENS - Portland is the "City of Roses" so if the kids are in the mood visit the Portland Rose Garden (and nearby Japanese Gardens).
  • FARMER'S MARKET - If you have a Saturday morning available, we had fun at the Vancouver, Washington Farmer's Market (and the fresh fruit and lunch options are amazing)... "Ice Cream Renaissance" is close to there and totally fabulous... in a quaint part of town....
  • OCEAN - Road trip to the ocean via Astoria and Fort Stevens State Park and a visit to the site where the Lewis & Clark Expedition spent their long winter.
  • COLUMBIA RIVER ROAD TRIP - Road trip the other direction towards Multnomah Falls Lodge (REALLY great breakfast spot!) and lots of other stuff farther up the road. On your return trip take some of OLD U.S. 30 including a stop at Vista House and the Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint--the latter overlooks the Vista House and the Columbia River. Breathtaking plus fun falls stops along the way. Or do the route in reverse. We did the Multnomah Falls Lodge first because we wanted to have breakfast there and beat the crowds. This road trip turned into a full day for us.... and finally.... the restaurant we fell in love with...
  • BEST RELAXING PLACE TO EAT AND DRINK - The Island Cafe.... casual, reasonably priced, good service and food, and the closest you'll get to being in Margaritaville!
  • ANOTHER BREAKFAST OPTION - Order "The Breakfast Baby" at The Original Pancake House
    Luke's 13th Birthday at Multnomah Falls

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