Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Simpler Life

A small book of prayers by Avery Brooke jumped off the bookshelf and into my lap this morning. Once again the Holy Spirit brings a both a roaring fire and a cool breeze into my life, just when I least expect it, just when I'm lazily adjusting the contents of a shelf, waiting for a sermon to come....

A Simpler Life

 Life has gotten confusing, complex, and full of pressures, God. I am pulled this way and that by too many demands and desires.

 It is impossible to be my best self in the midst of this. Yet it is also hard to know how to make life simpler.

 Help me to choose, God. Everything I do seems like something I should do, and yet I know that if I do not stop doing some things I will be able to do nothing well. 

 And if I do not leave some peace and quiet to listen to you, I will fail you, myself, and others.

Avery Brooke
Plain Prayers for a Complicated World, p. 29
Copyright (c) 1975 by Vineyard Books
Copyright (c) 1959 by Avery Brooke

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