Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Sabbath

Meditation Before Turning Off All Connections to the Internet for the Day

Yesterday was my  normal day off but I worked. 

Quite productively, I might add. 

So today is my replacement Pastor's Sabbath. 

I celebrated by getting up 45 minutes early for meditation and muffins. The meditation from Henri Nouwen. The muffins from Betty Crocker. With fresh fruit, a nice breakfast with my cool kids who, today, didn't seem "wild about" going to school but whose attitudes seemed positive and pleasant nonetheless. 

My day off, in my dreams, includes finding my way via backroads and fall colours (in spite of the rain) to a little cafe near the Mississippi. But, in my real life--my everyday, ordinary life--we're looking at (a) catching up on housework, (b) making a big batch of my Really Amazing North-by-Northwest Chili (giving me the motive-for-action [motivation] to clean the kitchen first), (c) making a sack lunch for Elyse's last regular season volleyball game, (d) a walk, and (e) a late afternoon drive to Alden for Knights Volleyball. 

The dream will wait because life's present reality is pretty darn OK. And grace isn't found in dreaming about tomorrow, you know. But in living today's moments today.

Pax Agape Java,

The Church is the body of Christ fashioned by baptism and the Eucharist. When people are baptized in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and when they gather around the table of Christ and receive his Body and Blood, they become the people of God, called the Church.
Henri J.M. Nouwen. From the October 15 meditation in Bread for the Journey